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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Indy 500 Day!

Happy Indianapolis 500 Day! And, congratulations to Dario Franchitti on his 2nd Indy 500 WIN!!!

We went to the Krauss Haus for their annual Memorial Day bash, so we missed the race. However, I kept up with some of the major developments via Twitter. I had been following Danica Patrick on Twitter, but she just started to annoy me. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch little girl!

Anyway, yes, Haus de Krauss. Lily wanted to go the Jake's party. She was thinking there would be cake, like his birthday. When we got there, she forgot. Lorie got Jake a sweet swing set and that had her attention most of the afternoon, as did the sand box.

Brats, burgers, dogs. Yum! Every time someone grills brats, I think that I have to have one. I don't like brats, but I always think that this time will be different. This time, I will like bratwurst. Each time, I'm disappointed. I still don't like them. It makes me sad because I want to like them so much. They're like a sophisticated, though still unhealthy, hot dog.

Five minutes after we left, Lily was starting to doze. Made a quick stop...that cost me $18 because I found preschool workbooks...to get XS white t-shirts for her Dora the Explorer iron-on to make a "Lily the Explorer" shirt.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so I have the day off. YAY!!

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