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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Yes, yes, I know that Christmas was 2 days ago, but things are just now starting to settle down a wee bit before we have yet another holiday that makes our schedule chaos for a couple of days.

On Christmas Eve, we opened presents with my Dad. We always get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant because he says that he really doesn't need anything. Well, that's something that he can always use!!

He got us an antenna. I know that doesn't mean much to anyone else, but I've been putting off getting one since I turned our cable off. Now that I didn't want one or we didn't need one, I just didn't want an ugly one. This one is nice looking. It's got a |0| type design and is small enough to fit behind the TV.

Christmas morning was fun! I was up an hour earlier than Lily. Pregnancy insomnia and excitement. She got up and the crazy present opening started. She got the scooter that she asked Santa for and has been riding it in the dining room.

Even though we had decided to stay home, I still wanted a traditional Christmas dinner. While Lily played with her new toys, I started the ham (the smallest one I could find was a little over 6 pounds). Then, on to mixing up the side dishes: green bean casserole, stuffing, parmesan garlic mashed potatoes, and yams. We also had a small salad (that Lily refers to as "seaweed salad") and fresh crescent rolls (which Lily loved).

Yesterday, we did a bit of shopping. Scored a headed massaging chair pad, gingerbread house pan, Christmas Play-Doh and an ornament.

Today, easing back into our normal routine and trying to make the house resemble the less cluttered/trashed mess that it was before the holidays.

Tomorrow, back to real life...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Prenatal Check-Up


Blood pressure: 111/75
Weight gain: +28

Navy, our new nickname for Nicholas, was napping, but woke up when we were listening to his heart. He then proceeded to kick his Mommy because he was crabby and tired.

I asked Amber (HP's ab-fab PA) about the restless leg syndrome and insomnia. I think the RLS leads to the sleeplessness most nights. She wasn't sure. Asked HP (my OB). Got the thumbs down.

I meant to see if they would check my iron levels to see if they were okay. I'm usually on the low-end of normal. If that's the case, maybe a supplement, but I don't want to take something I don't need to.

We also start going every 2 weeks. I'm very excited. It'll start to go faster and before we know it, Navy will be here!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lily is learning to read!

Lily has been working really hard on learning all of her letters. She knows most of them, and can recognize some words. The past several days, she had been learning to read "Trucks".

I'm so proud of her!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Update on Nicholas' Heart

Since they found the echogenic intracardiac focus (little white spot) in the right ventrile of Nick's heart at 20w5d, the radiologist and my doctor wanted to repeat the ultrasound when I was 28 weeks.

I went in today. I'm currently 28w5d. Of course, today was snowy and I didn't get out of work in time. I arrived about 5 minutes before my appointment, when it was suggested at I arrive 15 minutes early. Thank goodness Parkview Outpatient Services has a pre-registration option. I just had to let them know I was there.


Nicholas is head down. I knew that because he's been headbutting me in the bladder for the last couple of weeks. I can also feel each individual toe as he "climbs" my ribs with them.

The focus in his heart is still there. From the location, it's probably on a ligament band in his heart (I think that's what the u/s tech said, I was a little worried that it was still there).

Still very much a boy. He was pushing his feet right against my side, so I got to see...and count...all of his little toes. I also got to see up his nose and a very detailed shot of his ear. At one point during the head measurements, he moved his head so he was looking right up at the probe.

I will probably hear from my doctor's office in the next couple of days to let me know that the "white spot" is still there. At that time, they will tell me what, if anything, they want to do about it. (I asked the tech, she said in most cases, they just monitor it during the rest of the pregnancy...maybe another u/s...then do an EKG/ECG after birth.)

Next week is my Glucose Tolerance Test. Then, the week after that, it's my routine prenatal check-up. I may also start the bi-weekly appointments at this time. Scary that I'm so close to the end!
I love my son!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Proud Mommy

This last week has been wonderful!!

Tuesday, the report from school was that Lily behaved very well. She kept her hands to herself and listened rather well. She was so good, in fact, that Papa took her to get ice cream for lunch. Of course, she just loved that.

Thursday, the only trouble that Lily had was that when she saw Papa, she bolted from the classroom before being dismissed by the teacher.

Gymnastics was great, too. I know that some of that is in part to them adding additional staffing. One of them focuses primarily on Lily to get her on track, and I could really see a difference in the last 2 sessions.

I'm sure that some of it has to do with the fact that Lily is sleeping a bit better. She seems to be completely over her cold, so she's not as stuffy at night.

I'm just so beyond proud of her for the improvements in her behavior this week!!!