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Monday, December 6, 2010

Update on Nicholas' Heart

Since they found the echogenic intracardiac focus (little white spot) in the right ventrile of Nick's heart at 20w5d, the radiologist and my doctor wanted to repeat the ultrasound when I was 28 weeks.

I went in today. I'm currently 28w5d. Of course, today was snowy and I didn't get out of work in time. I arrived about 5 minutes before my appointment, when it was suggested at I arrive 15 minutes early. Thank goodness Parkview Outpatient Services has a pre-registration option. I just had to let them know I was there.


Nicholas is head down. I knew that because he's been headbutting me in the bladder for the last couple of weeks. I can also feel each individual toe as he "climbs" my ribs with them.

The focus in his heart is still there. From the location, it's probably on a ligament band in his heart (I think that's what the u/s tech said, I was a little worried that it was still there).

Still very much a boy. He was pushing his feet right against my side, so I got to see...and count...all of his little toes. I also got to see up his nose and a very detailed shot of his ear. At one point during the head measurements, he moved his head so he was looking right up at the probe.

I will probably hear from my doctor's office in the next couple of days to let me know that the "white spot" is still there. At that time, they will tell me what, if anything, they want to do about it. (I asked the tech, she said in most cases, they just monitor it during the rest of the pregnancy...maybe another u/s...then do an EKG/ECG after birth.)

Next week is my Glucose Tolerance Test. Then, the week after that, it's my routine prenatal check-up. I may also start the bi-weekly appointments at this time. Scary that I'm so close to the end!
I love my son!

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