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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

We didn't do a lot to celebrate. Wanted to make it to the Memorial Day parade, but it was noon before we knew it and the parade was over. Commented on the walls of several FB friends who are in, or where in, the military. So grateful for you all, and the service men and women that proceeded you.

Lily and I made a Foofa Flower Sun Visor, but the day didn't end as sunny as it started out. So humid, too. So, we stayed inside.

We also baked Pillsbury German Chocolate cupcakes. When we were at Michael's getting some crafting supplies, we also picked up the Wilton Patriotic Cupcake Party Pack.

We also worked in our little Victory garden. Our sweet bell papers and "Juliet" tomatoes already have little bits of yumminess starting to grow on them. While working on our garden, we also looked for bugs for our "Bug Journal". We did find a slug bug, who we took a picture of and let him crawl in the garden.

Happy World No Tobacco Day!

To celebrate, we congratulated our friends and family who have kicked the tobacco habit. Lily and I are so incredibly proud of you all!!

Tomorrow is Stand for Children Day. It is also June 1st, which starts a new month for National Health Observances.

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