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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy World Turtle Day

Happy World Turtle Day!!

Lily and I started off our celebration by playing Diego's Tuga the Sea Turtle game on the computer. This was Lily's first time playing a computer game (which was streamed through the TV...love the HDMI connection).

**insert grocery shopping followed by naptime here**

For a fun activity, we printed off the Wonder Pets! Puzzle of Tuck the Turtle.

Turtle also starts with the letter T, so we practiced writing uppercase T's (Momma T's, as Lily calls them) and lowercase T's (baby T's, according to Lily). We used page 3 of A to Z with Moose and Zee: Letter T, and a sheet from her Crayola Writing Tablet. (A similar part, minus the pictures can be printed from HERE.)

How did I Celebrate?
On the way home from Dad's house, I thought there was some roadkill in the middle of the road. Normally, I would pass over it without incident. It wasn't until I was up on it that I realized it was a turtle! Yes, TURTLE!!! What are the odds?! So, on World Turtle Day, I hit a turtle. That's got bad karma written all over it. I turned around to see if it was okay. Slowed down when I saw it. It was moving. Turned around again and pulled over. I had nothing in my car to move him, but he was just chillin' on the warm pavement.

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