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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No News is Good News

A pretty fun evening, for which I am very grateful.

As far as her sleep cycle/schedule goes, she was up at 2:45am. Which, I was also up at this time. However, she quickly went back to sleep, once recovering all of the comfort objects she takes to bed.

Lily did some "homework" this evening, working on some shapes and letters. She did GREAT!!! Instead of coloring in the shapes, she traced them with her blue crayon and did a really good job. I was highly impressed.

She had a little bit of a tantrum because the TV was turned off when she wasn't watching it. This eventually landed her in her room for 5 minutes. Then, we had a talk about her need to calm down.

After dinner, she played in the pool and the sprinkler. She was soaked, but loved every minute of playing in the "geyser". And, she even got a bubble bath! She had some chocolate milk, then begged to brush and floss her teeth. When I asked her to be patient, she did a great job and even followed directions when helping me with a couple of chores and cleaning up a small spill.

I hope we have more days like this.

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