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Monday, January 3, 2011

32 Week OB Check-Up

Another appointment down means we're getting that much closer to having our newest family member here!

Weight: +31 pounds

Vitals were all good. Tests were all good.

Navy is measuring right where he should be. His heart rate, once he finally held still long enough to get a lock, was good.

I've been having contractions daily, but since they aren't consistent, they doesn't want to put me on Brethine unless absolutely necessary. I'm to take Tylenol for pain and Braxton Hicks. If they last a minute, I'm supposed to call the doctor. If they get to where they are 10 minutes apart, I'm supposed to go to the hospital.

They checked, and re-checked, for a bladder infection. Sometimes if just feels like I have one, but I have no other symptoms. I'm supposed to go back if it doesn't go away.

We are getting excited to meet little Nicholas!! It seems like forever, but not much longer now!


  1. This is so awesome!!! Cannot wait!!!!

  2. Neither can I!! It seems like a long time, but he'll be here so soon!!