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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Thank you, Navy, for giving me the fishy highchair."

I'm one of the most frugal people I know. I buy clothes for next year on clearance. I clip coupons like crazy. Yet, sometimes, it's not about what'll save money, but what's in the best interest of a little kid's feelings.

I know that it's silly to buy a second high chair when I have a 4-year-old that should be able to sit in a regular chair or booster seat. In fact, I have a booster seat for her. I went back and forth on this. One moment, I'd be all set to pay whatever for a Fisher-Price Healthy Care high chair. They range in price from $80-$120, depended on the pattern and the store. The next, I was going to make Lily give hers up, by force if necessary.

I've talked to her several times about transitioning to her booster seat. Each time, she seems to like the idea, but when it comes to actually putting the high chair away and getting the booster seat out, she backs out.

Then, I think that I've asked her to give up a lot. She transitioned to a big girl bed because I needed the crib mattress from her toddler bed. Her seat in the van was switched because I can reach the baby better when he's on that side of the car. She's lost some time with her Mommy because I'm tired and too pregnant to do the things with her that I used to.

So, to me, buying a second high chair seemed like a small price to pay. I've asked her (and it some cases, inadvertently forced her) to give up a lot. Though some parts have been upsetting to her, I think she's handled them with ease.

While Lily napped, I took the opportunity to get the new high chair put together. We will be using it right away. Even though he won't be eating, Navy will be sitting at the table with us, as he is part of our family.

When she woke up and saw his high chair at the table, the first thing she said was, "Thank you, Navy, for giving me the fishy high chair." Priceless, which makes the price of the high chair totally worth it.


  1. I love this story. This is the type of story you'll want to save and put in a scrapbook for her to read later on in life.

  2. Thank you!! I hate feeling like I'm taking everything away just to save some money. Besides, I can always sell them at a garage sale when the kids grow out of them.