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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"When I have this baby, I'm aiming for your head!"

My weight: +33 lbs
Baby's heart: 131-132 bpm
Belly measurement: 34.5

My acid reflux/heartburn has been a beast, but with stocking up on oranges (which oddly seem to help) and Tums, I think I can make it these last 5w1d like a champ.

Doc made it a point to show me that I gained since my last appointment. He seems happy about this. I am not happy about this. I have to take off this weight. When I told him Wii thinks I'm overweight, he laughed. Keep laughing and wear a helmet buddy. When I have this baby, I'm aiming for your head!

My Dad asked how the appointment went. I said it wasn't anything special. He asked again when Navy was due. Told him the end of February. "You are gonna make it that far." Everyone thinks this little guy is massive.

I started thinking about how much longer, assuming I even make it to the due date. Even though I found out early, I didn't tell Dave until 4w1d. I didn't tell my parents until 5-ish weeks. The general population didn't know until around 9 weeks.

One month from today, I will be working my last day until my little boy gets here.

It's so weird to finally be in that home stretch where my little boy could be here soon. I cannot wait to hold Nicholas David-Alger in my arms for the first time and to see him. I'm so ready to meet my son face-to-face!

Next time I go back, I get the Group B Strep test.


  1. Oh wow, this is so so exciting!!! I feel like your pregnancy went by so fast but I know you've got to be going crazy waiting in anticipation!!

  2. Each day seems to drag, but then another week has gone by. It's so weird to think that I was just finding out about my little boy in the middle of June. I am so ready for him to be here, but I have so much that I feel I need to do (which would be a lot easier to do if I weren't so chunky...).