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Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day was 3 days for us this year. Normally, it's just one day. There are plenty of other "holidays" in February to celebrate if we get the time.

Day 1: February 10th - Lily had her Valentine's Day party at school. She wrote her name on all of her valentines and took take-home treat bags in for her classmates.

Day 2: February 14th - NAVY'S 1ST VALENTINE'S DAY!!
We didn't have plans. It would have been crazy to try to go anywhere for dinner. Dad did come over with candy. He brought Navy some chocolate. Lily got a heart of chocolates and an Easter basket. He brought me a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Other than that, the day passed without much fanfare.

Day 3: February 16th - We'd gotten each other cards, but I had completely forgot to hand them out on Valentine's Day. Lily and I each got Navy a card because it was his first Valentine's Day. Lily got a Dora card and some My Little Pony stickers. I got a card from the kids.

It was a nice, sedate Valentine's Day.

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