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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Relearning Discipline: When What Worked Doesn't

It's been almost four weeks since Lily's surgery. She's been sleeping so much better the last 2 weeks. Her behavior has greatly improved.

The last couple of days, she's been acting up or acting out. I'm not sure which, or why.

Lily is learning new ways to deal with upset. This is something I didn't foresee. I assumed that once she was sleeping better, the behavior would resolve itself. For the most part, it has.

I've been using our usual method for discipline. When she starts screaming and crying, I'd send her to her room. The hope was that she'd calm down and fall asleep, catching up on the sleep that she missed.

Well, severe sleep deprivation isn't the issue anymore.

For me, that means I have to change, too. She's old enough, I think, to start losing privileges. She got TV time revoked. She had a time out on the stairs. She's not been allowed a bed time snack.

We're learning.

What are some creative solutions you have tried when the old ones no longer work?

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