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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy ... Mother's Day (Mexico), Universal Family Week & National Family Month

Happy Mother's Day (Mexico), Universal Family Week, and National Family Month!

With all of the temper tantrum problems that we've been having, we decided to do an activity that discussed feelings. This would help with the chaos in our household from Lily's epic tantrums. We used the "Express Yourself With Rintoo" Face Pillow and Rintoo's Emotions Flash Cards. I got Rintoo all glued and put together so we can work on that. We didn't make a pillow because I didn't get any stuffing, but the face still works.

Lily lost the privelege of getting new books at the library today. She wouldn't be quiet and when she was put in a time-out, she threw a tantrum, so she had to leave. When we got home, she got some time in the naughty corner and we talked about how she felt. She is sad. We cuddled on the sofa and she fell asleep. (Her regular nap was disturbed by an accident.)

Other Holiday
World Lupus Day
Windmill Day (though I couldn't find any info)
Armed Forces Day Military-Amateur Crossband Communications (no info about a "holiday", but a test)

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