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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Social Networking Monster

While reading the New York Times Twitter feed, they had a story about young professionals and social networking. (The Tell-All Generation Learns When Not To, at Least Online)

This really got me thinking about the kinds of things that I've posted online, both the past and the present. I think, that for the most part, my life is pretty sedate, which is reflected in my pictures and bloggings.

My Mom is on my Facebook, so I figure that if I don't want my own Mother to see or read it, it probably isn't something I should be posting. Though, my life isn't that exciting in regards to partying.

When I went to Chad's Facebook to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I read something in his status about some privacy breaching website. I know that there are lots of messages like these going around as social networking websites are changing their privacy policies to protect the bottom line.

Giving it a whirl, I embarked on Spokeo.com. After all, it's "not your grandma's phonebook."

I typed in my own name, and much to my surprise, a picture of me came up with my former address. Age, relationship status, hobbies, residence type, estimated home value, gender, zodiac, children, education, homeownership, length of time at that residence, and neighborhood.

How can the estimated value of my home be $1M+, but the neighborhood be considered below average? Not all of the information was correct, obviously, but kind of interesting to note.

For a modest fee, I would be able to view what they had as my religion, politics, birthday and languages. Not to mention links to my profiles, wealth and credit.

Among the other free information were details about the zip code in which I used to live, with is mostly white people in sales and management jobs.

It's seems to me like the line between "social networking" and "social stalking" is getting thinner. I don't wish to be Orwellian or anything, but it's almost like privacy is being eroded in a way and "Big Brother" is watching.

I'm so glad I don't have a landline at the new house...