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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mystery Freaking Diagnosis : A Lily Update

Lily had her follow-up with Dr. Dick yesterday. It went rather well. She's back to "normal" for her, which is a relief.

*Flashback* 2 weeks : Appointment with Dr. Dick. Her medicine was making her really aggressive. So, we weened her off in favor of something else. Insurance denied the claim, so the pharmacy couldn't fill the prescription. PharmTech told me that they just had to clear it all with the doctor. (Which never happened because I finally called the office and they had no clue there were problems.) This takes 2-3 days to get cleared up.

Back to yesterday...

We get another prescription for the same thing and the lady that handles insurance claims and such assured me that we wouldn't have any problems, but if we did, to call her ASAP and she would get it taken care of.

The medicine that we were prescribed 2 weeks ago was available. Yesterday.

Talking to the doctor, it's normal for insurance to deny a claim for her medicine when they haven't been contacted by the doctor's office. For one, it's $300 a month. Yes, a month. She gets it in 15 day supplies.

Still no official diagnosis. There are 3 possibilities, but for one, Lily is too young to be diagnosed for what could turn out to just be an aggressive phase or just her way of dealing with all of the changes going on in her life right now. For two, Dr. Dick doesn't want to automatically label her and attempt to treat that, when in reality, we really don't know what we're treating.

As for now, just attempting to manage the major symptoms.