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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet our son, Nicholas David-Alger

I know that I haven't written a blog in forever. Life has been crazy busy, but I'm going to *try* to make the time to do it a little more often. We'll see how that goes.


October 11th was my BIG ultrasound to see how the baby was growing and to see if baby would show us the goods to find out the gender.

As soon as the tech got a clear shot of the baby in my belly, it was very obvious that baby was a boy. Very obvious. Throughout the ultrasound, he would wiggle and roll to show off his baby boy bits.

His measures a little bit big, but the radiologist wasn't concerned. He'll probably just be bigger than his older sister was.

Either way, the name was picked out. Both honored family members.

His first name, Nicholas, is Daddy's middle name. As for the first-middle name, David, that is Daddy's first name. Alger is a family name that goes back at least 3 generations. Nick will be the 4th generation to have the name Alger.

We get to take another peak at Baby Nick at the beginning of December. Nicholas is due to arrive February 23, 2011.


  1. Alger is your family name or Dave's?

    I'm in the process of writing a new blog post myself.

  2. Alger is from Dave's side. Alger III is his brother. Alger II is his father. Alger I is his grandfather. It may go back further in Germany or the Netherlands, but I'm not sure.

    On BlogSpot of MFP?

  3. You already found it. :) So no namesakes from mommy's family for little Nick?

  4. Yes, I did. I had to read it twice because I got so confused. Taking about college and going back to school, but you didn't have an, "I wanna be ...insert job here... when I grow up," so I thought that I missed it. Then, I reread and realized I didn't, so it all made sense the second time around.

    No, we have mostly girls on our side. If I ever have another boy, I want to name him after both of my grandfathers, but that naming scheme just didn't fit with anything. If I ever have another girl, she will be named after me and my Mom.

  5. I'm just now forming the general idea in my head, so I'm not quite at the point of "I wanna be [fill in the blank]" -- still not ready to pigeonhole myself to that extent. And, I'm OK with that.