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Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally, Some Progress!

We had a follow-up visit with Dr. Mike today.

Since our last follow-up a month ago, I've been keeping a journal chronically her behavior and sleep patterns. I noticed that I was forgetting to mention a lot of things that happened in the previous 4 weeks, I was really only focusing on what had happened in the last week or so.

Of course, when it was time to leave for the appointment, I couldn't find the notebook. I haven't been able to find it since we've been home, either. However, I was able to recall some of the recurring themes in Lily's behavior and sleep patterns.

We're going to try something to help Lily's irritability and aggression. This is what gets her in trouble the most at school.

Lily also has trouble sleeping. She doesn't sleep through the night most nights. It's been this way her whole life. It she sleeps until 5am, that's a successful night.

I was doing some preliminary research on "irritability in preschoolers". That's the exact phrase I typed in. The very first link was Sleep Apnea in Preschoolers which is what I suspect is a large part of Lily's behavior issue.

We're going to try this for 2 weeks and go back. I know it doesn't seem like it's all that great, but it feels like we're finally getting somewhere. Like we're on the right path to getting this taken care of, hopefully for good.

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