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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

B ... Beans, Bulldozers, and Bumble Bees ... Oh My!

After reading about using beans as "play things" on MckMama's "When the Weather Outside if Frightful" post, I thought about how I could apply that to a learning game for Lily.

Not just a preschool tactile/sensor activity, but also a bit of a phonics lessons. Lily knows her letters. Now, we are working on the sound that each letter makes and starting to recognize objects that start with the sound/letter.

After getting a Bin and putting some Beans in it, I found a foam letter B from a puzzle we have. We went to get a Bulldozer.

Then, we went on a "B Hunt" through our house looking for small objects that started with the letter B

We found a Ball, a Bumble Bee, and a Butterfly.

After getting all of our objects collected, we put them all in the Bin, and Lily pushed the items around with the Bulldozer or hid them in the Beans.

Thinking of some other ways to incorporate the idea of tactile activities with phonics, while keeping the activity within the confines of a small space like the bin that we used. I am teeming with ideas. Just need to brain storm some more. So excited!

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