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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lily's Surgery

I know that I've mentioned it in passing, but really haven't given the details on Lily's sleep study from July or her upcoming surgery.

The results of her sleep study was that she failed. She has several stoppages, some of which lasted up to 13 seconds. She only spends about 90 minutes in REM sleep.

The diagnosis was obstructive sleep apnea.

Basically, her glands (tonsils, adenoids) swell when she sleeps, which restricts the air flow as she breathes. It's one of the reasons she snores.

In turn, this can cause behavior problems, such as the inability to focus and follow directions. Just because she's chronically tired.

It's been such a long process because we've been fighting with the insurance company the whole way. They'd rather treat her for autism or ADHD, rather than find out what the real problem is. So, we've have to prove (with her 2 sleep studies) that she has a problem sleeping.


The appointment with the ENT was short and sweet. He had reviewed the July results and did a quick exam. Her tonsils were enlarged when we went in, but there was no sign of infection. He said that it'd be best, especially while she's so young, to take them out.

The objective over the next couple of days is to make sure that Lily knows what's happening so she won't be scared, and that I'll be there when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up. Her lovey will be with her the whole time and that this will make her feel better.

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