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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baking Up Some Love

Over the last couple of weeks walking through Fort Wayne, I've struggled with finding my place, a way that I can help and feel like I have something to offer.

*enter Betty Crocker mode*

One thing I can do, and do well, is cook. Baking cookies, cupcakes, pies. Making stir-fries, casseroles. It's something I'm good at.

I made two different cookies: classic chocolate chip and peanut & hazelnut butter cookies. Half of the chocolate chip ones got burned because I preheated the over for shiny pans, and I have dark pans.

When we were talking with Dan, a guy I've never met before, about the situation that led him to being homeless and on the streets, he started eating the cookies. Nothing goes better with Nescafe than homemade cookies. Mid-sentence, he stopped and told me that the cookies were good!

*puffs chest with pride*

I came home with no cookies. I think I've finally found my special way to contribute!

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